Why Work With Me

For the past 12 years, I have been creating and refining a far more comprehensive and personalized approach to career transformation. Here are a few of the ways I have helped hundreds of people build a more fulfilling professional life:

  • Personalized approach: Throughout your program, my role is to facilitate and expedite your success through regular coaching conversations, structured exercises, email accountability check-ins, and brief phone calls (as needed). We will work together through an iterative process of exploration and discovery, and create a personalized plan to achieve your goals.


  • Whole-person process: A career that is truly satisfying is consistent with who you are and what you deeply desire. Our “inside-out” methodology allows you to gain awareness about traits that range from your core values, natural strengths and personality preferences to your sense of meaning and personal philosophy.
  • Career Coaching, as opposed to Career Counseling: Unlike a counselor who is an assumed expert with all the right answers, a coach is both an expert and an equal. Through powerful questions and other coaching techniques, I help you find clarity and direction from within.


  • Effective assessments: I administer the world’s most reliable and popular career and leadership assessments, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory, DISC, and Emotional Quotient (EQ).
  • Career Management Expertise: As a Certified Career Management Coach with experience coaching hundreds of clients at Lee Hecht Harrison, the world’s largest outplacement firm, I am well-versed in all areas of the career management continuum- from exploration to job change to career development.
  • Expertise in Personal Transformation: Our programs represent over a decade of continual research, inquiry, and advancement in multiple disciplines including personal development, behavioral psychology, NLP, Time Line Therapy®, hypnotherapy, and neuroscience.