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Vered is a dynamic high-energy speaker who delivers presentations that inspire professionals in all industries and functional areas to take control of their work lives and reach their full potential.

As a seasoned speaker and workshop leader, Vered engages her audiences in her presentations, making them feel comfortable and energized. She draws on her vast experience as a professional coach, trainer, and mindset expert as the basis for her entertaining presentations.

Vered will work with you to create a Keynote or Presentation uniquely suited to your audience. She speaks about a variety of topics, specializing in mindset, communication, career development, transitions, leadership, and mindfulness.

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Top Keynote & Workshop Presentations

  • The Human Side of Change: How to Transform Yourself and Your Organization
  • The Key to Creating Your Future: Turning Change into Opportunities
  • Mindful Leadership: Powerful Strategies to Embrace a Mindset for Success
  • Communicating with Power and Authority: How to Build Effective Professional Relationships
  • Personal Career Leadership: Six Principles of Effective Career Development
  • The Inner Game of Career Success: Making the Internal Shifts to Have More Fulfillment and Results

Vered has profound impact on those who have the privilege to engage with her. Vistage Executives experienced life-changing break thrus during her presentation and MINDshift exercise. She helped the Groups understand the science behind change transformation, the process to change and the repetition that converts healthy affirmations to beliefs to convictions and finally – to action and goal achievement. Vered received the highest survey results and will be a perennial presenter.

Katina E. Koller

Vistage Chair, Executive Coach & Speaker

As our keynote presenter, Vered took the time to understand our audience and invested much energy into preparing just the right message for them. The resulting talk was incredibly inspiring, encouraging and powerful. In all areas, Vered displayed the utmost professionalism and poise. I so highly recommend her as a speaker and coach!

Sheila Coulam

Director of Programs, Career Connectors

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