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Here we are, already at the end of January.

The new year energy is starting to wear off for many of us, as we begin to wonder whether this will be our BEST year yet.

Maybe you’ve spent the first few weeks of the year shifting your focus to daily practices that are aligned with your vision. If that’s the case- my hat’s off to you. You are miles ahead of most people out there.

If you haven’t done it yet, you’re not alone.

For most people, the new year simply means a new start on old habits. Even when we have the best intentions, we are often so busy going through life that we don’t take the time to articulate what we truly want or why we want it. Most of us end up creating our life by default.

What’s your vision for the year?

It’s important to know what you desire. Think about it this way: would you get on a plane not knowing the destination? Of course not. You know exactly where you’re going because you made the CHOICE to go there.

The same thing applies to creating your ideal year and life. It doesn’t just happen – you must decide what it is you truly want and then take action towards achieving it.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the things I’m doing today giving me joy?
  • What is most important to me?
  • What does my ideal life look like?

Knowing your destination is important, however it’s often not enough.

Even when people take the time to clarify their vision, their conditioned limiting patterns typically re-emerge and they’re back to square one. Only now, they are left with some guilt, disappointment, and frustration that they weren’t able to follow through on their intentions. Has that ever happened to you?

So, what’s the real reason people sometimes fail to achieve their goals?

The real reason is that goal SETTING is done at a conscious (thinking) level. We think about what we want, and we imagine what our life will be like when we get it. Goal GETTING, on the other hand, is a totally different thing.

Goal GETTING happens at the subconscious level.

If you’ve been in my community for a while now, then you’re aware of the fact that I’m passionate about the power of the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is the part of you that runs your body, stores your beliefs and memories, and holds your emotions. It’s an incredibly powerful force that can help you create any change that you want to see in your life. The problem is that most people do not understand how to leverage the power of their subconscious mind. In fact, some people are even afraid of it.

And so, we set goals CONSCIOUSLY. The problem with this is that, if there are any subconscious programs in your mind (most of which stem from early childhood) that are not congruent with what you want to create, your subconscious mind will limit your potential to achieve it.

Why is that? That’s because your subconscious mind ALWAYS wants to protect you. If you set a goal and your subconscious mind has a belief that is in direct conflict with that goal, then you are likely to procrastinate or self-sabotage yourself.

For example, some of my clients have a specific financial goal that they wish to achieve by the end of this year. But what if, at a subconscious level, they hold a limiting belief such as, “I am not worthy of that abundance”, “I can never make that much money” or ‘Reaching that financial goal will require me to spend less time with my family.” Their subconscious mind is NOT going to support them to achieve that goal. It will limit their ability to access the ideas and energy to make that goal a reality.

What you need to understand is that your subconscious mind is your GOAL GETTER. So, the only way you can achieve your goals is by truly working with your subconscious mind and using tools and daily rituals to align your conscious with your subconscious.

Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy™ (which is a form of mild hypnosis where you can quickly and easily let go of negative belief programs from your past) are powerful tools for this.

Another way to align your conscious with your subconscious is through practicing empowering morning rituals, such as writing down what you are grateful for, visualizing yourself achieving your goals, and repeating positive affirmations, as follows:

  1. Be grateful

It’s easy to get up in the morning, jump right into working on getting things done, and take for granted the things that brought you to this moment. Take a few minutes as soon as you wake up to reflect on what you’re grateful for. That’s what I do every day. A state of appreciation puts you in one of the highest emotional states possible. Your thoughts are made up of energy. If you focus on gratitude (appreciating what you have in your life at any moment), you will attract even more abundance, which will give you more to be thankful for.

  1. Imagine your ideal day

Close your eyes for a few moments every morning and visualize your desired life. Imagine your day going exactly the way you want it to go. You’re going to find a great parking spot, have an amazing meeting, finish that project, etc. In addition to visualizing your ideal day, take a few moments to visualize your bigger, longer-term goals coming true. In your mind, imagine what your world will be like when you achieve your goals.

  1. Say your affirmations (otherwise known as “anchor phrases” or mantras)

Daily affirmations are to your mind what exercise is to your body. They will help you to reprogram your subconscious mind for success. Affirmations are simple, positive statements declaring specific goals in their completed states. Simply start with the words “I am” and write a specific, positive statement in the present tense about what you want, not what you don’t want.  For example, “I am proud and happy that I am at my ideal weight of 130 pounds.”  Although it may seem rather basic to recite affirmations, these empowering phrases have profound effects on your conscious and subconscious mind.

To learn more about how to master your mindset through a Personal Breakthrough Session or participating in the MINDshift™ coaching program, feel free to visit or to email me directly at

To your BEST year yet!


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