Momentum Quotient™

Vered conducted a workshop for our Emerging Leaders today. Vered’s grasp of the concept of Change Management is extensive AND she presented research based PRACTICAL tools for our managers to use! Very well done. I only wish I had run across Vered 30 years ago!

Ed Burke

Vistage Chair, Executive Coach, and Founder/President at Analytical Coach

How Prepared is Your Team for Change?

Did you know that most change programs fail?

Creating successful change is not easy, but your organization can experience higher rates of adoption and utilization when you effectively manage the people side of change.

In this program, Vered Kogan will guide you and your team through proven practices for managing and increasing the momentum for change, according to Prosci®, a research institution that has conducted over 20 years of change management research.

Topics covered include the top contributors and obstacles for change program success, the most common mistakes and risks, how to anticipate and avoid employee resistance, and the most effective ways to reinforce change at both the group and individual level.

Your team will leave with an understanding of how change impacts the emotional experience of an employee and what they can do to best support their teams through a transition. They will learn practical research-based tools for preventing and navigating resistance to help make change comfortable or even exciting. Additional takeaways include:

  • Recognizing the 3 stages of change
  • 5 roles that leaders play to drive change
  • 4 questions you must answer to navigate change
  • 10 action steps for managing employee resistance
  • Two Prosci® assessment tools to identify change resistance

Help Your Team Adapt Better to Change