Vered Kogan's MINDshift™ Coaching Program

Want to be more focused, energized, and positive?


During your MINDshift™ program, you will learn how to let go of what is not working, access untapped internal resources, and trigger a more empowered and resourceful state. Most clients share that the process offers deep self-discovery and liberation.

People choose the MINDshift™ program for many reasons. Some come to address obstacles that have limited their success in their career, business, health, or relationships. Others are in the midst of a career or life transition and want to be more productive and focused to achieve the best results. What everyone has in common is a desire for a more fulfilling life.

People perform better when they are in a peak state of mind and body. Using powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mindfulness techniques, the MINDshift™ program trains you to be in an empowered and resourceful state to create the changes that you desire in your career or business.

Nearly everyone has some degree of limiting thoughts about their capacity to change or achieve their goals. Through a series of videos, exercises, and coaching conversations, you will become aware of the unconscious beliefs, perceptions, and emotional states that have produced unwanted thoughts and self-defeating behaviors in your life. These distortions of reality limit your capacity to be fully present and confidently step into your true potential.


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