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Have you ever had an epiphany about changing something in your life- a distinct moment when you suddenly saw or understood something in a new or crystal clear way?


I imagine you have. Most of us have had breakthrough moments in our life when we experience or learn something that shifts the way we see ourselves or the world around us. It’s like the light has been turned on and we are certain that something must change. Maybe it’s our health. Maybe it’s our relationship. Or, maybe it’s our career. Whatever it may be, we’re clear that we absolutely cannot continue down the same path.


The question is, was it just a passing moment of clarity, or did you actually DO SOMETHING that truly transformed your life?


Most of us go through life on “autopilot.” Research has proven that our subconscious mind controls our decisions most of the time. In fact, the average human being has 60-70 thousand thoughts every day, and a whopping 90% of those are the same thoughts as the day before.


The same thoughts lead to the same choices, which lead to the same behaviors, which lead to the same experiences, which create the same emotions, and ultimately produce the same reality. No wonder it’s so hard to change!


When we have an epiphany, often by learning or experiencing something new, it interrupts our subconscious pattern and we WAKE UP.


I experienced a WAKE UP transformational moment two years ago. It was July 2014, and I received the results of a blood test showing some abnormalities. The timing was not great- our family was scheduled to board a flight to NY that day. As you can imagine, it was frightening to know that something is not right, and my mind quickly started to wonder about my future.


We decided to go on the trip with the expectation that we would return a few days later for me to get additional blood tests. As I sat on that plane, holding my husband’s hand and watching my beautiful daughters, I had an epiphany. I knew, without a doubt, that my life would change from that point forward. I wanted to see my girls grow up. I wanted to grow old with my husband. I vowed to make better choices to live a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle.


Thankfully, we got the good news that the cause of my illness and poor test results was a rare virus and nothing worse. I felt very grateful and made the commitment to follow through on my epiphany. I created new daily habits and, although my choices are not always perfect, I am now much more mindful about my health, stress level, and being present with the people in my life.


What’s the difference between people who follow through on their epiphany and change their life and those who don’t?


The reality is that most of us won’t do what it takes to rewire our old programs and master new habits, so we end up with the same life after the excitement of the epiphany wears off. Think of a time in your life when you DID follow through on your big idea or goal, and it changed your life. What was different about what you were doing and who you were being?


What I’ve learned from my research and first-hand experience seeing people achieve and sustain success is that there are 6 core elements to creating truly meaningful and lasting change. When all of these components are working together, the impact is transformational.


  1. Positive Mindset: Research shows that the biggest determinant of success is mastering your mindset- the beliefs that you embrace about yourself, others, and your world. People who embrace positive beliefs about their potential and their future are much more likely to succeed and, according to a study by the Mayo Clinic, also experience better health.


Ask yourself, what do I believe about my potential and what limiting beliefs must I shift?


  1. Peak State: Change is often uncomfortable, and it can take a lot of energy and focus. People follow through when they are in a peak state of mind and body. You can condition yourself for success by following simple rituals every day to become more mindful as well as emotionally and physically strong.


Ask yourself, how are my current state of mind and body serving me?


  1. Awareness: Change is essentially about bridging the gap between your current reality and desired future reality. By becoming more aware and discovering your true essence or “Being”- your core values, strengths, passions, and purpose- you can create a more fulfilling change from the “inside-out.” As the saying goes, “the truth will set you free.”


Ask yourself, what’s my current reality and what do I know to be true about my essence?


  1. Clear & Meaningful Intention: To make a change, particularly a difficult one, you must have a good enough reason to follow through. In other words, your intention must be clear, meaningful, and powerful enough so that you will not let anything get in your way.


Ask yourself, where do I want to go and WHY?


  1. Massive Action: Taking strategic action in a massive way will allow you to minimize the risk of obstacles and maximize your chance of success. It’s about seeing the change as a “MUST”, not as a “should”, and therefore doing everything in your power to stay accountable to a consistent plan, complete with systems, resources, and support.


Ask yourself, what actions must I consistently take?


  1. Momentum: As you gain clarity on what you’re hungry for and then take massive action to get it, you will build momentum that will yield greater results and further strengthen your belief in yourself. Maintaining continuity and progress as you navigate your new path, especially when “life” gets in the way, is the key to sustaining your success, living up to your potential, and breaking through to the next level.


Ask yourself, how can I keep the momentum and continue to thrive?


So, the next time that you experience a transformational moment of clarity in your life and you feel ready for a change, ask yourself these powerful questions, take consistent action, and be sure to CELEBRATE your success!


Vered Kogan is an Executive Coach and Career Strategist based in Scottsdale, AZ. She loves supporting clients in achieving and sustaining positive change in their life and career. Visit for more information about her career coaching and job transition services.


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